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This is your place to flourish

The virtual assistant that has your back so you can focus on what’s important.

All services are available bilingually in English and German!


Who is eligible for Flourish Favour’s services?

Our services are available to lawyers & law firms, real estate agents, coaches, management consultants, startups, other entrepreneurs as well as private individuals who would like support in the following areas.

We offer you a comprehensive service package & ensure that your business flourishes and you can concentrate fully on your success.

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Virtual Assistance




Social Media Management



Our vision

Our vision is to maximize efficiency, conserve valuable time and maintain an unwavering focus on what matters most. We aim to provide our valued customers with the greatest possible freedom while we work diligently to ensure that your business thrives. Reliability & fairness are at the heart of all our efforts.

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Increase efficiency,

Save time, stay focused

In today's business world, time is one of the most valuable resources. Our virtual assistant and social media manager services allow you to concentrate on the essential aspects of your business. You regain valuable time and can focus on your core business. Use our expertise to work more efficiently and achieve your business goals faster. Entrust us with your tasks - we will ensure the perfect balance between efficiency and success.

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More freetime


With our virtual assistance and social media manager service, you gain time for your business and valuable hours for yourself and your loved ones. Our support relieves you of administrative tasks while our social media managers manage your online presence. So you can relax and enjoy your free time while we take care of the rest of the matters.


Thriving company

Our goal is to help our clients become successful business owners through our virtual assistance, social media management and branding services.


Reliable and fair

Our service providers are reliable and fair. We strive for excellence in our work and do everything we can to provide our customers with high-quality services.

About me as a founder

Nana Florence Acheampong

I am a person of heart with a determined and focused nature.

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Your advantages in working with us:

At Flourish Favour, we are your key to work that is not only effective but also rewarding. "Flourish" stands for flourishing, "Favour" for a kind act and goodwill. Our Flourish Favour services can be described in three words:

Luxurious, uncomplicated and excellent.

  • Luxurious through the highest quality.

  • Uncomplicated through simplified steps.

  • Excellent through our tireless dedication to first-class results.

Let us transform your work into an experience that will help you and your company flourish – with style, ease and the highest quality.

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