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About    Nana

Hey! I'm Nana, a prospective lawyer with extensive experience as a virtual assistant. I have conducted legal research, taken on back office tasks and optimized workflows in various law firms. I have also obtained a social media certification and supported various companies.

I am reliable and complete tasks efficiently and on time. My creative approach and eye for detail enable me to find innovative solutions and deliver high-quality results. With my excellent communication skills, I interact effectively with colleagues and clients.


& kind hearted.

Besides my professional activities, I am a passionate singer and enjoy doing sports to stay fit and balanced.

My work and my life are strongly influenced by my values. I always strive for the highest quality in everything I do. Honesty and ethical behavior are of the utmost importance to me. Helping others and showing empathy are very important to me. I also try to bring joy to my work and to my environment.

My goal is to help companies and law firms advance through my support as a social media manager and virtual assistant and to help them achieve more efficient results.

This is how my environment describes me:

My family describes me as being full of life and a bundle of energy who enjoys life to the fullest. I am reliable, according to the motto "a woman, a word". I am also an empathetic person, even in business.

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